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Prose has been added!  Along with a poem for today.  I will try to add poems through the month of April.  Operative word being “try.”   Nevertheless, Happy Poetry Month!


It is National Poetry Month! Or so I’ve been told.  In celebration, I will try to post things to this blog! And maybe I will dance a jig!

I have figured out that posting poems as a graphic is probably a better idea.  That way I can preserve the formatting in which they were published.  They way they were intended to be viewed.  Format is everything.  Almost everything.

I have also added Works In Progress page.  Yes! You can follow a poem from it’s conception all the way to its completed form.  I know — it’s terribly exciting.

Thank you for visiting! Let me know, somehow, that you were here.  Leave some form of evidence, a residue of your virtual existence, if you will, if only to make me feel a little less like an idiot typing away on a forgotten corner of the internet.  Cheers!


Welcome!  I am trying to finally do that blog thing that I hear people do.  It has been a LOOONG time since I have had time on my hands for this sort of thing.  I was just a youngster when I used to fool around with HTML and published those things full of chunky block text onto the nascent internet, all full of code, href =, capital letters,  <<, and what-not.   That was just after the dial up modem and the BBS used to be a thing, remember that?  I am realizing that I could spend hours upon hours formatting this site and being overly obsessive about font styles and Pantone shades.  In the interest of time, which I don’t actually have, I will bite the inside of my cheek and resist these urges.  In fact, I will resist the urge to nit-pick over anything, even if I really should.  This will be rough.  Please bear with me.  Forgive all the pre-formatted stuff that I am going to try really hard to ignore.  Yes, I’m using the totally free version of WordPress.  Maybe if this goes well I will be willing to upgrade.  For now, I’m going to just focus on getting some content up here.   I’m going to try to bust through all the psychological barriers that prevents a person like me from doing a project like this at all.  One day I will do fancier things.  One day.  For now, enjoy some poetry.  I’m going to go savor my small victory over procrastination.

previously published poetry

I figured out how to put a new item on the menu bar above.  There you will find the poetry.   It was here in this space before, but that was just awkward.   The formatting still does not quite match the original, one day I will have to try to fix that.  Navigate your way over there (click on poetry) and then if you would let me know somehow that you made it, all will not be in vain.

and yes, I can hear you laughing.

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